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    I just came across that post from few days ago where the gay blogger who doesn’t believe that Harry and Louis are in a relationship was responding to a rude anon (who basically was all “we’re gonna na-na-na I-told-you-so when H/L come out!”). The blogger said sexuality isn’t a game and for people who “believe” to rub it in people’s faces if it turns out they’re right is really wrong.

    They have a bit of a point, but I wanted to say that none of this is about “believers” vs “non-believers.”  I’m a defacto atheist, if I’m wrong and I’m gonna get judged and go to hell after I die, well, okay, you told me so and I was not willing to believe you without evidence. But this isn’t religion.

    This IS about evidence. To me there is no evidence of a divine parent judging us on the daily. There is however, STRONG (!) evidence that Louis and Harry are in a relationship and it’s not about us saying “Why didn’t you listen when we TOLD you what’s true, contrary to evidence,” it’s about us saying, “OPEN YOUR GODDAMN EYES! The evidence is right in front of you!”

    So while I’m sure “I told you so” will be bandied about quite a bit when the time comes, the words should really be “Harry told you so, so did Louis, and Liam, and Niall, and Zayn, and so on,” you simply chose to ignore them all.

    My side won’t “win” anything. We’ll just continue to be right and be really happy and not a little smug about it.

    And if, IF we are wrong, we don’t lose either. We’ve spent all this time enjoying two people who love each other a great deal. And we took the clear evidence of their commitment to one another to mean they were a couple. If it’s a mistaken assumption, it’s certainly a logical one. No shame in that. Ever.

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    watch this video right now it looks like louis nods to himself after harry sings i’m in love with you i’m gonna fucking 





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Goofy Harry
Phoenix 9/16/14
credit to owner pls :)


    Goofy Harry

    Phoenix 9/16/14

    credit to owner pls :)

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    Miley Cyrus got fined for 200k for illegal use of the Mexican flag stay in your fucking lane bitch

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